TEAMWORK. We are completely optimistic about the future of tennis, because we know that individual commitment creates group effort, which is what makes a teamwork, an organization work, a company work, a society work & a worldwide tennis environment work. Tennis is filled with international teamwork & is comprised of innovators & developers. With the help of multiple people, companies and organizations focusing their efforts on integration, better conditions & opportunities for all those who participate in tennis are being created.A culture of teamwork with a common vision, purposes & open-mindedness leads to increasing potential relationships and the mutual effort adds values to all aspects of tennis.On that sense, we are developing the Innovation Factor, the Business Factor and the Human Being Factor, together!Pay attention to our narrative every day, we are getting further on the journey, the puzzle will be complete soon!Believe your eyes. Believe your ears. Believe your voice. Believe in YOU. We believe in US.Segal InstituteTennis_ONE @tennisstars Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) @tennis

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