TBD TALKS Kristin Geer & Fernando Segal

What will tennis look like in 2031? Next week we begin TBD Talks on the TennisONE App to bring the tennis community together—players, fans, coaches, businesses, & industry leaders—to talk about how the sport will transform over the next decade through technology and innovation. How are you transforming Tennis with your vision, innovations and actions?….Next Wednesday June 16th on TennisONE, the best App in Tennis @KristinGeer & @FernandoSegal talking about all TBD Tennis Innovation Week 2021 details, TennisONE and much more.Every weekly chapter of TBD Talks, we will share with one innovator, entrepreneur, leader, visionary, one of YOU, bringing innovation to tennis.Be the Future of the Game. Be TBD! For more information to be part of TBD with your Tennis Innovation contact: info@bleachr.co, or info@segalinstitute.orgwww.tbdtennisinnovationweek.comTennis_ONE Segal InstituteTennis StarsTBD Tennis Innovation Week #innovation#tennis#tennisfuture#leadership#entrepeneurship#growth#TBD#tennisleaders#tennisinnovations

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