“Innovation is often misunderstood as merely related to technology and the different devices, apps, software and other options that we can find. This couldn’t be more wrong. Innovation means developing original concepts in different ways through technology, business, human beings, operations, education, management and so much more, and is a driver of reimagining and reinventing the model in any area. 

Tennis organizations, companies, teams, people, projects and clubs are transformed through the leadership displayed when they innovate and set the organization on a different paradigm in order to recognize new opportunities and the best methods to solve current problems and discover new challenges to create growth. 

On TBD we bring together all innovators who are developing an innovative culture on their project, in any area, environment or level, creating empowerment in our sport.

TBD is innovation in action. Actions calls for you. For us!!

Be TBD!!

Organized by TennisONE & Segal Institute LAB

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