Rene Lacoste was a great tennis player of the ยด20s, however, he was also a great innovator and tennis leader, curious, intelligent, in addition to his famous clothes with the crocodile (Another day we will tell this story), he developed in 1926 one of the first ball throw machines, to be able to train himself. Also, he patented the metal racket that years later Wilson bought the rights to use it and transformed it into the Wilson T-2000, the famous steel racket that in so many Grand Slams triumphs accompanied Jimmy Connors.

He was a promoter, team captain, entrepeneur, developer doing a lot for our sport. We are leaning on that visionary, inspiring, motivating spirit with a sense of innovation, business development and high impact for all who play tennis. Still today his legacy continues hist his stories and brand.

We CELEBRATE his innovations by having the spirit of LACOSTE here, in our CHALLENGE, with YOU and with US!!

Be the Future of the Game. Be TBD!

For more information to be part of TBD with your Tennis Innovation contact: info@bleachr.co, or info@segalinstitute.org


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