More than 80 years ago, Albert Einstein remarked that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Now we have an opportunity to come together, to be part of a transcendental movement that unites people, teams, companies and key businesses with their innovations, creations, improvements, platforms and developments at TBD TENNIS INNOVATION WEEK.The decision-making process and actions to be an innovator on our sport is the foundation for growth and discovery in many areas and how we can contribute to them.Everyone aspiring to have success faces the same difficulty – ideas are easy to come by, but bringing them to life is a whole different story.No matter your product or your size, each day, we are provided with a new opportunity to venture beyond our comfort zone and into our deep growth zone. Of course our growth zone is not always comfortable, but we should first plant a growth mindset seed for true personal, professional and mutual transformation to blossom for tennis.On TBD we bring together all innovators who are developing an innovative culture in their projects, in any area, environmental or level, creating empowerment in our sport.TBD is innovation in action. Actions calls for you. For us!! Where…on TennisONE, the best App in tennis!!www.tbdtennisinnovationweek.com#leadership#tennis#entrepreneur#motivation#innovation #innovators#leaders#tennisdevelopmentTennis_ONE Segal Institute TBD Tennis Innovation Week Tennis Stars

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