READY FOR 134th. WIMBLEDON 2021- 1st EDITION on 1877

After 144 years since that tournament in 1877, when a game became in one sport transforming millon of lifes during all these years following that visionary, inspiring, motivating spirit of his creatoir Major Wingifield who with a sense of innovation, business, development and high sense and impact for all who will play it. In tennis we must build new opportunities by recovering that entrepreneurial, visionary, and inclusive spirit that Major Wingfield (the inventor of Lawn Tennis) had when he created the birth of tennis as a game and later on, like sport. We are leaning on those purposes developing ours.On TBD we bring together all innovators, entrepeneurs, leaders, creators, tennis organizations, companies who are developing an innovative culture in their projects, in any area, creating empowerment today in our sport for a better future.TBD is innovation in action. Actions calls for you. For us!! We have the Spirit of Wingfield in ours!!Where to be on TBD…on TennisONE, the best App in tennis!!www.tbdtennisinnovationweek.com#leadership#tennis#entrepreneur#motivation#innovation #innovators#leaders#tennisdevelopmentTennis_ONE Segal Institute TBD Tennis Innovation Week Tennis Stars GPTCA TENNIS COACHES (for members only) We Are Tennis

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