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On tennis we need to establish an strong culture of customer service. We, like sport, are a service for people who play. That culture is far from being deepened, established and developed in right pathways.Since we understand that we need to improve the quality of the information we have about who plays in our clubs, tennis places and academies, who they are, what they want, why they play and learn, what they need and want us to offer them with a customer service and quality system as well as good service. must produce.This is a complete INNOVATION for our sport. Programs should be focused on the consumer and this should be a priority. We have to re-found and deepen a CULTURE OF SERVICE in tennis. Because is what we are.This will provide us with information, parameters, trends, needs, forms of consumption, priorities, preferences, surveys and much more. With this, we will be able to understand the client better, provide better services and promotion, participation, development, coaching and competition programs.On my more than 40 years of development projects in tennis of all kinds, the last 25 I continued to promote, publishing in my books and in my comments and speeches, about the needs for us to innovate as industry having more focus on understand much better about the client and how they enjoy , learn and participate in our sport. I will follow it and we will continue to do so.Changing with innovations and creating a better and transformational culture of customer service will make us better today and in the future to be build.Be the future of the game!! BE TBD!! Segal Institute TBD Tennis Innovation Week Tennis Stars Kovacs Institute Premier Tennis International Carlos Salum Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) Intercollegiate Tennis Association – ITA @itpa We Are TennisVer traducción0Personas alcanzadas6Interacciones–Puntuación de distribuciónPromocionar publicación

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