Virtual Tennis is another reality coming for the future of our sport. Great part of the challenge is to integrate in actual tennis programs all future participants and with that, develop strategies to use like this big resource to develop tennis in many ways.ON Tennis_ONE App, in our 5th episode this Wednesday July 14th., we will have a great leader Dr. @Gregory Gettinger on TBD Talks talking about Virtual Tennis and Esports Innovation.Recently awarded with 2021 Laval Virtual Award in Sports Category, Gregory and all his team are jumpig forward bringing virtual reality to tennis with several innovation and more.We wait for you!! Welcomed Gregory to TBD TALKS, the new era of tennis innovation challenges!!Every weekly chapter of TBD Talks, we will share with one innovator, entrepreneur, leader, visionary, one of YOU, bringing innovation to tennis.Be the Future of the Game. Be TBD! For more information to be part of TBD with your Tennis Innovation contact: info@bleachr.co, or info@segalinstitute.org

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