At TBD we celebrate each innovator who has inspired, motivated and created stories with actions of innovation, improvement and growth of our tennis, every week on Wednesday.Harry Hopman was a great leader and tennis coach in our sport. He was applying systematically tennis coaching, physical instructions, new drills and an structurated process to develop players game. He was a great coaching innovator, creating one of the best tennis dynasty with all Australian Tennis players of those times with remarkable successes, helping as well many others tennis players and coaches who went to his academy in USA.This is the celebration of a great visionary, leader and tennis coach, who with his results and challenges showed that there is another possible tennis in the world creating innovations for it.Bravo Harry!! We celebrate you. We celebrates Tennis!!For more information to be part of TBD with your Tennis Innovation contact: info@bleachr.co, or info@segalinstitute.orghttps://lnkd.in/ebVp9HG

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