TBD TENNIS INNOVATION WEEK- October 27th – 30Th, 2021.

In tennis, we must build new opportunities transforming and empowering our sport bringing back that entrepreneurial, visionary, and inclusive spirit which Major Wingfield (the inventor of Lawn Tennis) had, when he realized the birth of tennis as a game.TBD TENNIS INNOVATION WEEK 2021 is the FIRST INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL EVENT for the tennis world on innovation. Our focus is to bring together the INNOVATORS, CREATORS, DEVELOPERS, COMPANIES, LEADERS, PROJECTS, and ORGANIZATIONS that are impacting tennis through new apps, devices, software, products, programs, projects, investments, services, and much more. You can be part NOW with special price of:+ 1st TBD WORLD TENNIS EXPO with +100 products/concepts/innovations+ 1st TBD TENNIS INNOVATION CONFERENCE with more than 100 presentations from Tennis and Sports Leaders about innovation, development and transformation in tennis+ TBD INNOVATION AWARDS in 4 categoriesIMAGINE THIS, TBD is:+ 100 TENNIS INNOVATORS, COMPANIES, DEVELOPERS, and more organizations all together!+ 3 events in one TBD TENNIS INNOVATION WEEK+ 4 Days duration+ 30 days to watch every presentation+ 22 weekly TBD Talks+ 100 presentations on innovative products and services on TBD TENNIS INNOVATION CONFERENCE 2021+ 5 language translations+ MASTER CLASSES and SPECIAL WORKSHOPS with TBD Conference Special Guests on innovation, development, environment, business, and much more.Organized by Segal Institute & TennisONE App/BleachrTo be part on TBD with your innovation, new program or concept, please contact us with our TBD Communication Teams at: info@bleachr.co. or info@segalinstitute.orgTRANSFORMING TENNISTo be register at: www.tbdtennisinnovationweek.com

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