You have to commit to have a lifetime in tennis and human development. You have to appreciate the values of tennis, believe in your person, professionalism and team to support and provide concepts, management, products, and always, a very constructive attitude for better tennis in every organization.On TBD TALKS IN Tennis_ONE App by Segal Institute, our next episode this Wednesday August 18th will have an innovator, entrepreneur, creator and tennis key person Cesar Andrade, TennisAppSuite CEO and founder. As today, more in tennis future, we know that we need to integrate better tools and resources to develop programs and platforms for many tennis organizations, clubs and academies to reach their potentials helping to improve thier processes about to promote, organize, participate and compete in tennis, for all people. Welcomed Cesar to TBD TALKS with host and international tennis leader Fernando Segal in one must to watch episode talking how to have better tennis improving how we manage every platfom to bring more people to play tennis with great managing of resources!!Every weekly chapter of TBD Talks in Tennis_ONE, we will share with one innovator, entrepreneur, leader, visionary, one of YOU, bringing innovation to tennis with Segal Institute Designing.Be the Future of the Game. Be TBD! For more information to be part of TBD with your Tennis Innovation contact: info@bleachr.co, or info@segalinstitute.orgwww.tbdtennisinnovationweek.com

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