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TBD Tennis Innovation Week 2021 – More Main Speakers!! WORCESTER + GARZA + BURLAGE

On TBD TENNIS INNOVATION CONFERENCE we have great innovators, tennis leaders, creators and experts in different areas like main speakers as: Ann Worcester, Rodrigo Garza and Maik Burlage which they will do one special TBD TIC TALKS Presentation each about how to create growth in tennis on different areas like: leadership, marketing, technology applied, Platforms, new concepts for tennis organizations, artificial intelligence, customer culture and much more…bringing innovation and transformation in our sport and to your day by day processes. You have the opportunity to listen them on TBD. Also, you will find on TBD:+ More than 100 PRESENTATIONS from leaders, innovators and tennis entrepeneurs presenting each about how to innovate and transform tennis industry and environment for better growth!!* More than 100 innovations, hundred of ideas, concepts and principles to applied for better tennis development.+ TBD integrates Tennis Real World + Tennis Virtual World, creating accessibility to all participants for all over the world in a very powerful way in TennisONE app which your own interactive way to look every presentation.+ On TBD Now special first year ticket U$D 40.- to watch all presentations and Expo for 30 days as many time you want.+ On TBD we are focused in to create opportunities of growth for our sport innovating together with strategies to develop our own tennis environment, site to site in better ways focused in how has to be tennis in 10 years ahead!! For us the best WAY to PREDICT the tennis FUTURE is to DEFINE it!!TBD is innovation in action. Actions calls for you. For us!! To be registered: #development #leadership#transformation#entrepreneurship#tennis#tenniscoaches#startups #inspiration #future#pathways #education #environment#ai#development#inspiration#keeplearning#education#highqualityTBD Tennis Innovation Week Tennis_ONE Segal Institute WTCA Intercollegiate Tennis Association – ITA Kovacs Institute Premier Tennis International Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) UTR International We are tennis Tennis Asia Tennis Stars

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