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Everything is possible changing your level of thoughts and actions, bringing innovation to tennis in your everyday processes. Bigger the situation, bigger the opportunity to create growth.Change the way you look at things, things change the way they are perceived. Albert Einstein once said that “one of the most important and fundamental decisions for you is to define whether you live in a friendly or hostile universe”. In which one you are living right now? In a universe that wants to see different objectives, remark distances, create deeper differences? Or you live in a universe that looks for coincidences, a positive tone, change in a good way, improve, and learn every day.When you look at what you do in tennis differently and act accordingly, what you do in tennis will change.With TBD Tennis Innovation Conference powerful line up of speakers, plenty of international tennis leaders, innovators, scientists, tennis coaches, sports specialist, entrepreneurs you will find a lot of ideas, concepts, principles, innovation to implement in your day-by-day tennis development project.We created TBD bringing innovation and transformation to our sport getting back that entrepreneurial, visionary, and inclusive spirit which Major Wingfield (the inventor of Lawn Tennis) had, when he realized the birth of tennis as a game.The best WAY to PREDICT the tennis FUTURE is to DEFINE it!!We can always do our sport better!! TBD is innovation in action. For TBD ticket registration and to watch entire TBD Program: & Tennis ONE App.Be the Future of the Game. Be TBD!#tennis#innovation#leadership#transformation#entrepreneur#innovators#motivation#tbd#education#culture#Leader#development#collaboration#opportunity#organization#management#tournament#leadershipdevelopment#future#entrepreneurship#coachingTBD Tennis Innovation Week Tennis_ONE Segal Institute Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) Intercollegiate Tennis Association – ITA WTCA Tennis Stars Premier Tennis International

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