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Dear Tennis Friend and Colleague TBD TENNIS INNOVATION CONFERENCE 2021 – Complete Program

Wherever you are in the world, whether you’re developing tennis focused on everything that’s happening right now, let’s feel strong and positive, knowing we can grow our sport together.In that sense, TBD Tennis Innovation Conference 2021 is about what will be your next 5/10 years version of yourself as a person and tennis professional. Can you envision it? For that, let’s keep developing actions today to reach that future which you described. To achieve it is key to treat continuous education as a lifetime commitment.All the process of getting better and evolving cannot be rushed. Is not from one day to the next one. For sure what we can do is be intentional throughout it working with ourselves in mastery of self-leadership and self development cultivating the discipline, the commitment and resiliency to get 1 percent better each day.We know, it takes a lot of courage to abandon our comfort zones and to propel forward when the ground is unpredictable. Yet moving forward even when the next step is unclear puts us in a position to keep growing while also developing us in who we really are and who we can become tomorrow, personally and professionally.For that many reasons, to be systematically innovative in your life and tennis profesion is a key priority. Make your difference.With that purpose we created TBD Tennis Innovation Conference with 88 international main speakers presenting ideas, concepts, principles to apply. There are 88 stories of lives. 88 stories of professional journeys and challenges in tennis. All together to help you to define your future vision of who you want to become.Be part of TBD, Bringing Innovation to Tennis!!To be registered: www.tbdtennisinnovationweek.comOur deepest thanks to our Institutional Partners who are supporting and contributing to TBD Tennis Innovation Week and TBD Tennis Innovation Conference 2021.GPTCA. Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association ITA. Intercollegiate Tennis AssociationITPA. International Tennis Performance AssociationWTCA. Women´s Tennis Coaches AssociationISMCA. International Sport Mental Coach AssociationSSDIA. Sports Science Diversity and Inclusion AssociationTennisAID FoundationNORFAFA African Inclusive STEM Education and Sports Academy#innovation#development#education#leadership#organization#transformation#entrepreneurTBD Tennis Innovation Week Tennis_ONE Segal Institute Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) GPTCA TENNIS COACHES (for members only) WTCA Intercollegiate Tennis Association – ITA TennisAid ISMCA International Sport Mental Coach Association RacketStats Tennisappsuite Kovacs Institute Premier Tennis International SevenSix Tennibot WearBands Tenisholic Steven Casto Dragonet

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