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Major Walter Clopton Wingfield the inventor of tennis was an entrepreneur. He first patented the game in 1873 and then made the second patent in 1874, finally renaming the game Lawn Tennis.His visionary, entrepreneurial, innovative and inspiring mind has been the source for the transformation of millions of people who have played and play our sport in the world as it is today. Tennis is the first individual sport in the world.Wingfield had an entrepreneurial mind.Technology has made it possible to learn and participate in world events like this one from home or from anywhere in the world – unlike when I first started out like tennis coach more than 40 years ago.If you want to leave behind the old system of being waiting for solutions and you want to emulate his founder spirit going into a new system with a vision of entrepreneurship, self-responsibility and self-development to the future, acting today!!Then TBD is for you!Today, all you need is be registered in TBD Tennis Innovation Conference, your cellphone or tablet or computer, your brainpower, some free time to train yourself with 90 TBD MAIN SPEAKERS (All with a piece of Wingfield on them) Bringing Innovation to Tennis with hundreds of ideas, concepts, platforms, programs for you. Be ready to take notes.Because TBD is for you !!Be part of TBD, Bringing Innovation to Tennis!!To be registered: or TennisONE AppSee you there!!#innovation#entrepreneur#development#transformation#future#people#entrepreneurship#technology#tennis TBD Tennis Innovation Week Tennis_ONE Segal Institute Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) GPTCA TENNIS COACHES (for members only) WTCA Intercollegiate Tennis Association – ITA TennisAid Tennisappsuite Tennis Asia Tennibot Tenisholic Dragonet Tennis Line Call App Steven Casto RacketStats WearBands Henk Abbink

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