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On TBD TALKS in TennisONE with Segal Institute, our next special episode this next Wednesday, October 27th will have a great international entrepreneur, innovator & Tennis leader Mark Leschly, Universal Tennis CEO. Mark is well known in worldwide tennis for his international projects and innovations in our sport with Universal Tennis and UTR which right now is the most universal rating to every tennis player in our tennis planet. Universal Tennis and UTR International provides a wide range of platforms to develop your tennis club, tournaments, tennis promotional actions and more.As today, more in tennis future, we know that we need to integrate better tools and resources to develop programs and platforms for many tennis communities, organizations, clubs and academies. In that sense, trying to reach their potentials helping to improve their processes about to develop, organize, lead and compete in tennis, learning from other sports and industries.Welcomed Mark to TBD TALKS with host and international tennis leader Fernando Segal in one must to watch episode talking about how improving us we should develop diverse strategies to create growth. Every weekly watch our episode of TBD Talks in the best app Tennis_ONE, we will share with one innovator, entrepreneur, leader, visionary, one of YOU, bringing innovation to tennis with Segal Institute designing.Be the Future of the Game. Be TBD! To be registered at TBD Tennis Innovation Conference or TennisONE App.

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