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TBD is focused in bring and develop innovation to Tennis. TBD is about to create ways to integrate all innovators, creators, leaders, legends, companies, tennis organization with same purposes create growth in our sport with new concepts, ideas and proposals. TBD is about you, how we can inspire you, help to define your tennis future, acting today with new concepts to apply.Tomorrow TBD events will start and I want to say thank you to our people, our teams before that. We are celebrating TBD!!Everything is possible working like a team with many persons giving their best effort, commitment and focus to develop purposes and objetives. In that sense, many proffesionals were working together oriented in same directions, bring Innovation to Tennis through TBD Platforms.Many thanks Bleachr/TennisONE team with Kristin Geer like great leader that she is, Laura Sonday, Randy Master, Kevin Hoogheem @Dan and many other behind the scenes.Many thanks to Segal Institute team members Guillermo Garciatorres, Tom van Doren, Reyna Tello, Daniel Torres, Paco Torres and MKT Team members Mabel Rubio Segal, Gamaliel Ramos, Edder Rubio, and rest of team also behind the scenes.Since 3 years ago when I started to develop this project, focused in bring back Wingfield Spirit, developing systematic Innovation in our sport, they believed on it, where the goal was to do the greatest events and programs possible putting passion, vision, concepts and strategies to do it. When defined the TBD development pathway all of us in our teams were working for last 6 months full focused with thousands of hours of work to create TBD in reality with actions. Our purpose was to make the tennis world a better place to everyone.Since then a lot of people is on board like, change agents, leaders, 88 TBD speakers, companies, business people, tennis legends and many more, but I will say all my appreciation and how thankful I am to them, later.Today, before to start TBD, many thanks to everyone in our teams which show us an extra dimension of commitment, core values and sense of purpose overcoming different situations and going from good to great. Well done!!Great innovators creates more innovators.Best to each one!Tomorrow, we will start TBD Tennis Innovation Week!!

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