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TBD TENNIS INNOVATION CONFERENCE 2021 – THIS IS BIG!! You still can be part of!!

Dreaming is the food of the soul. It is those dreams that actually tell us that reality is not reality, that it is possible to change the enviroment, with vision, actions, ideas, tenacity and effort. The world belongs to those who are capable of believing in themselves, to those who seek to help others to achieve another reality, to those who dare to trust their dreams, knowing that reality can and should be different. Keep dreaming and acting big.

That’s why we created TBD!!

Because INNOVATION is on EVERYTHING. Can be in Technology, Education, Business, Organization, Products, Leadership, Structure, Human Development, Promotion, Environment, Human Relationship, Team-Work, Communications, Sports Sciences applied, Tennis Methodologies, Parents training, Tournaments, Customer Data, Tennis Structure, Tennis Development Systems, Club/Academies organization, in yourself… as in many other areas to be described.

Can innovations helps in your day-by-day tennis processes on your place. ABSOLUTELY YES!!! Of course it can and it will do it!
Now, for first time in TENNIS HISTORY 88 international tennis leaders on TBD TIC + 22 Tennis companies and organizations will share with you innovations to put in place in your tennis programs with: ideas, concepts, products, achievements, to help you to define your next steps for your tennis future.

You still can participate of this wonderful TBD Conference and TBD EXPO watching every presentation in your phone, tablet or computer for until ends of November.

TBD actions were a game changer events!!

For registrations: or TennisONE App.

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