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The first edition of Tennis Innovation Week 2021 has come to an end, creating positive impacts, significance and a large number of synergies between all the innovators, creators, leaders, 88 main speakers, 22 participating companies and tennis organizations. To all THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!Create an Innovation Culture does not happen because we desire to change only .. To implement an Innovation Culture of changes and improvements occurs when the organization is transformed – then the culture reflects the realities of people working together everyday to better tennis in day-by-day processes.Beyond each innovation, concepts, ideas, or proposed principles, the important thing is the history of each person in our sport with their permanent search to improve, evolve and change the current situation, be it in the way they have had in their vision. Behind every innovator there is a life story. That story taken into action generates innovation, from there productivity changes and then, by applying it continuously, generates growth in several senses.Always remember innovation is action. Edison was not the first to discover the electric bulb (More than 20 person where in same path), but he was the first to have a consistent product and their invent always were working. History recognizes it. Innovation in action.Thank you to Kristin Geer and all Tennis_ONE Team members, Segal Institute Team members, Change agents: Mark Kovacs, Carlos Salum, Scott Mitchell and Henk Abbink, and all tennis organizations and companies who supported to be innovative in tennis.We are waiting for you next year with more TBD Tennis Innovation Week 2022 for tennis!Tennis_ONE Segal Institute TBD Tennis Innovation Week TennisAid Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) WTCA Intercollegiate Tennis Association – ITA Kovacs Institute Premier Tennis International Tennis Asia Tennis Stars Tennisappsuite WearBands SevenSix Dragonet Tennibot SportReTiNA Tenisholic Steven Casto RacketStats

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