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Which is the price of following your dreams?

How much should you put in? How many of those around you? Your full commitment and understanding of the task.How critical will be the path of change, innovation and transformation of yourself and your team? Surely a lot …Listening, sharing, learning, evolving after so many interviews with these tennis leaders and great mentors as many others who have been in TBD TALKS in TennisONE has been PRICELESS, as it is to pursue and build our dreams with actions!! We will keep inspiring, motivating and creating new concepts on it!!When you generate your program, KNOWLEDGE drives INNOVATION, INNOVATION in ACTION drives PRODUCTIVITY, PRODUCTIVITY drives TENNIS GROWTH. We do it with great TBD TALKS!! We will do again in 2022!Many thanks to Kristin Geer and to the entire Tennis_ONE team, Segal Institute team and to everyone who has participated as interviewed sharing their knowledge and experiences.Happy holidays!! Merry Christmas and best for you and yours in 2022!!#merrychristmas Happynewyear #tennis#innovationTennis_ONE Segal Institute @TBDTalks

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